KEYNOTE: Tove Mogstad Slinde

Tove Mogstad Slinde is a Senior Adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research in the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care. Since 2012 she is the elected Chair of the Network on Early Childhood Education and Care in OECD.

In the Ministry of Education and Research Tove Mogstad Slinde has been working on policy governance, research and developmental work. Ms. Slinde has worked within the ECEC sector in Norway on different levels since 1987. Among other things she has been working withmanagement and developmental work and the implementation of national policies on the regional and local levels. This has entailed cooperating closely with municipalities, kindergarten owners and other relevant institutions and stakeholders including teacher education and staff-organizations. Representing the Department of ECEC in international cooperation, she has been involved in the work of the OECD ECEC network (since 2008), as well as the Thematic Working Group on Early Childhood Education and Care in EU. She is also currently engaged in the advisory committee for the research project CARE, funded by the EU.